18 thoughts on “Herek Dalpern Enters Derek Halpern’s Contest

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  2. 300 visits a day!? That’s *NOTHIN*!

    I run SocialRiggers.com. Social. Riggers.

    Do you even know who I am?

    I’m the traffic king, Emmaline. I don’t know how else to put it.

    Thanks for your, uh, *cute* note.

  3. hahahahaha I can’t just can stop laughing since I landed on this website, Herek, your site is just too hilarious and God bless ya for putting up this cool site!

  4. You think I NEED you to tell me that, Shanika? I’m THE BEST at this shit. Ask my friends like Seti Ramit and Marley Portfoleo.

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    BTW, what’s wrong with your commenters? Don’t they know no English or grammer??

  6. Pretty cool websites, Steve. Keep up the good work.

    I know, RIGHT!? Jam, man. Jam.

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